February 15, 2014

Chimbuk Hill, Bandorban- wonder of nature

Chimbuk Hill is situated in Bandorban district. It is under the division Chittagong. It is in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. It is 26 km from Bandorban city. Road distance from Dhaka is about 348 km. it is a heavenly place for tourists. In Bangladesh if you want to enjoy the hill site obviously it would be best.
It is the third highest mountain among all others in Bangladesh. Tourism has based not only for its height here. The beauty of nature can impress anyone’s mind. Chimbuk Hill is about 2500 feet high above sea level. There are lots of curved roads and small villages on it. Your journey on bus or any engine vehicle would be adventurous. One side of the road there would be nothing but chance of death. Don’t panic with that. The drivers on these roads are very skillful. There you would find lots charming lakes.

You can travel by bus or plain to Chittagong city from Dhaka. After that you had to board a bus to go to Bandorban. From here you can choose bus or micro bus to travel Chimbuk Hill. There is no water transport available there. For accommodation there are lots of hotels.Nilgiri Resort (Nilgiri),
Sakura Resort, Sakura are some of the resorts available there.Very few government resorts are available in Bandorban district.
The natural beauty of hill, simple natural things, and clouds would make your mind fresh and cool. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the small villages. These are tribal villages. If you are lucky you may enjoy their festivals. They arrange many festivals on different occasion. Most of the tribal people are from Marma tribe. There are long zigzag road which really a beauty to enjoy. You had to climb through the hill by foot. There are varieties of plants.
It is a very good place for the tourists. Those who love natural scenario this would be an ideal place for them. Every year lots of country and foreign people comes here to enjoy this beauty of Bangladesh. So don’t be late. Make a plan for this beautiful place.

Saint Martin, Bangladesh

Saint Martin Island is a place in the north-eastern part of Bay of Bengal. It is tiny in size. Its total area is about eight square km. Its location is eight km from Myanmar. It is an ideal place for tourists.Its distance from Chittagong city is about 152 km. It has a long history. About 250 years ago it was named as “Zazira” by an Arab. It was named St. Martin Island during the British rule. History says Sir St. Martin was a famous sailor. It is locally known as "Narical Gingira".
Tourism has grown up here for its natural beauty. The single transport to travel here is boat. Without water transport there is no way. You can board a boat from Teknaf. This is about 48 km distance. Good roads and transports are not available here. There are numbers of hotels here. You would get electricity facility here. They use generators. Here population is not too high. Sea boat journey would be a memorable part of your life. The high tides would make you afraid. But don’t worry about that. The boatmen are skillful.

It is a coral island. Coral reef has surrounded 90 percent of the island. Rocks and blue waters will give you heavenly feeling. Coconut tree and different other sea plants are very good to enjoy. In the beach you would found lots of fishing boats. Its reason is that residents of this island are maximum fisherman. If you are lucky enough you can get some fresh fishes. Only animal found in this island is variety of turtles. During high tide its area reduces to 5 sq. total. Don’t forget to collect snails from beach sides. You may use them as show piece in your house.

Bangladesh is lucky to have such a beautiful island. It’s a beauty of nature. For tourists November to December is the best tenure. In this period sea remain calm. Weather would give the maximum support. It would be better if you contact with the Tourism department of Bangladesh. They could suggest you everything about hotel, way to go and obviously about safety. So ensure your enjoyable and safe journey.

February 12, 2014

Kuakata Sea beach- Best Beautiful Place of world

Kuakata is situated in the south- west of Bangladesh. Kuakata is known as"Daughter of the Sea”. It is under Patuakhali district. Distance of 380 kilometers from Dhaka by road, 108km from Barisal. Length of natural beach is 18 kilometers. Bangladesh has the only beach where both the sunrise and sunset can be seen well. It’s an ideal place for tourism.

There are more spectacular places in kuakata. Forest side is famous here. On the west side of the beach there is mangrove forest, whose name is Fata Forest.There are numerous plants and animals. It is only one hour boat journey from the beach. This is the most beautiful part of Bangladesh. Combination of jungle and sea will snatch your mind.

Buddhist Temple: Kuakata Old Well in front of an ancient Buddhist temple, a Buddhist temple in the name range. Weighing approximately thirty-seven mounds. Inside the ancient temple there is an eight metals statue of Buddha in meditation.
In order to travel there you had to go kuakata first. You can board a bus or launch for this purpose. There are so many bus for kuakata from Dhaka. But it would be a comfortable journey if you choose launch. To stay in kuakata there are numbers of good hotels. There are also some government resorts. You can book them before your journey. There are many restaurants for food in kuakata. Planned to spend, but check before you order.

Another beauty is the sun’s debut sovereign. It is a beauty of nature. Who came Kuakata, they do not want to miss one of these things. If you want to see the rise of the sun you have to wake up in the morning. Need to go to the beach for watching the beautiful sunrise.There is a place named “kauar chor” which is perfect place for this purpose. You can go there by bike. You will never forget the scene that you onceenjoythe rise of the sun. There is a fisher men village near the beach. You can also pay a visit there. You can take bath on the beach. Here water is safe enough. So plan today for a tour to Kuakata beach.

Prantik Lake, Bandarban- Beautiful Gift of nature

Prantik Lake, Bandarban is one of the finest tourist place of Bangladesh. It is under the district Bandarban. It is located near the Keranihat-Bandarban road. Its total area is about 2500 acre. Its distance from Bandarban main city is about 14 km. to travel here from Dhaka obviously you need to go through Bandarban. There is no direct route from Dhaka to here. This tourism site is under the control of LGED of Bangladesh government.
It is an ideal place for picnic or excursion. It is situated in the Thana named Holudia. Local bus is available here from Bandarban city. From Holudia you can board rickshaw or jeep car to go to this lake. One thing you should keep in mind, here accommodation is not available. So you had to stay in Bandarban. Leave the spot before dusk. If you can manage a car for your transport that would be the best idea. Thus there would be no tension about transport. Pure water and food facility is not so available here. So bring these items with you.
It an original beauty of nature. Tourist enjoys their best here. They are allowed to use paddle boat here. To roam the whole lake there are boats also. It is an ideal place for fishing. Those who have fishing hobby, this would be a tempting place for them. You can manage a fishing permission from local authority. The whole lake is surrounded with varieties of plants. Hilly side around the lake are so charming. The lake is in zigzag way. There are numbers of tribal villages around it. If you want you can visit there also.
Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty. There are so many lakes her. But if you want to enjoy the most natural thing, it would be the best. Every year lots of tourists come here to enjoy the fullest. If you have any doubt about the transportation and accommodation you may take help from Bandarban tourist department. They are always ready for your service. So don’t wait a bit if you have fascination for natural beauty of Bangladesh.

February 10, 2014

Tea Garden- Most Beautiful Place of Bangladesh

Sylhet is situated in the north – east corner of Bangladesh. Its old name is Jalalabad. It is on the bank of river Surma. It is a traditional tea growing place. It has a population of 500,000 people. This city is the fifth largest city of Bangladesh. This is a great place for tourists. Here tourism has based on tea garden.This is a city of “Sufi people”. Thus there are many mazars and dorgahs.
Sylhet is a hilly place. Its environment is perfect for tea plant cultivation. As a result here are 150 tea gardens. Three of them are the largest in the whole world. About 300,000 people work here. Sylhet district has an area of 12,595.95 square km. People can choose any transport to travel to Sylhet. Bus, train, and air-plane all type transport are available.

Shrimangal is the best place if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a heaven for the botanists. Varieties of short plants, shrubs and herbs are available here. Here you will find good numbers of tea gardens. It is adjacent to the Sylhet. For staying there are lots of hotels and resorts. It would be a better idea to stay in Tea Garden Resort. It is locally known as DFID tea resort. Bangladesh Tea Board Tea Resort will ensure you to get maximum enjoyment. Here you will get all type of facilities.

Green leafs, curved roads throughout the garden, hills would snatch your mind. Here you will find the pure taste of tea. So don’t forget to taste the tea. If you are very new to this place you should not roam alone. Take help of guides to roam. Beside the beauty of nature it would be a good chance to see the border area of Bangladesh. There are also some famous lakes. You may pay a short visit to these places.

As a tourist place Sylhet is internationally renowned. In south Asia it is very famous for tourism. Every year lots of tourist come here to enjoy this heavenly scenario. It has a good location and road facilities. So your journey would be trouble free. 


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